Welcome to One For All Mag!

Hello one and all! Welcome to our new site. We wanted to give you a little background on us and how we came to our name.

We are two mid-twenties gals with a passion for writing and the power of the digital media medium. We met through social media and a friendship was born out of commonalities. We joined a writing community and after a few months, decided to strike it out on our own with the support and contributions of some fellow friends and writers. We want this space to be a place to openly share your thoughts and musings, with a wide range of topics.

Our co-founder Alessandra started watching the show ‘Reign’ and as her mind tends to run around a bit and because she’s a bit of a history nerd, she wondered why a show that was set in France in the 1500’s didn’t have any Musketeers presence and that led to her chanting “All for One and One for All” in the car. Suddenly, a lightbulb went off and she shot off a text to our other co-founder, Alexa, that just said “One For All.” Alexa loved it and here we are.

We do want to borrow a bit of the meaning from the Musketeers in that we want this site to stand for all of us through thick and thin. This is an open platform for all ideas and topics and forms of digital media. We hope to show you text articles, photo series, vlogs and more. Obviously we’re not your typical magazine. We won’t be going to print and we’ll have a relaxed posting schedule. However, at its root, the word “magazine” is used in reference to a collection. In our case, it is a collection of written and digital media pieces. We hope you enjoy our collection.


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