I Used to Want to Save the World

By Kadee Taylor

The captivating opening and closing monologue made the new Wonder Woman film instantly relatable for me. I’ve dedicated a lot of my time to nonprofit organizations that I’m passionate about. I’m pursuing a career in social policy impact. I’ve often felt that the world needs “saving”.

But, Diana learned two important lessons that altered her perception about wanting to save the world…

We Save the World One by One

It’s apparent that Diana would have done anything to fulfill her sacred duty to protect the world and mankind from snares of Ares and his detrimental influence. She’d left her home and went to the ends of the Earth. She’d even tried to follow the way of life in her new surroundings in hopes that it would be a means to a glorious end.

But what ultimately moved her to action? She encountered one person in need, one person pleading for help, one person on her path to “saving the world”. She knew that her efforts thus far would be futile if she refused to help carry the burden of this one woman and her child.

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Lessons from the United Nations

By Kadee Taylor

It’s All About Me

I’ve struggled to find words for what I learned by attending the United Nations. The Commission on the Status of Women can be a source of sensory overload. The need for constant discernment is mentally exhausting and left me feeling rather overwhelmed. I rarely take anything at face value as it is, so as I walked into the UN, my guard was up.

 Questions such as “What do they really mean? What are they getting at? Where is the agenda hidden in this message? Where are they getting these statistics from?” constantly assaulted my frame of reference.

The overarching message was hulking: It’s all about me. What do I want? What are my desires? What will make me happy? How have I felt oppressed? What rights do I demand? What consequences should I be exempt from? This mentality dimmed my soul and left me feeling hollow.

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