How To: Be Happy in Your Late-Twenties

It’s hard to be happy. I often equate it with going to work. Somedays you wake up, and it’s easy. Simple as that. Other days, you hit snooze seven times and pray for a sudden bout of strep throat so you can have an excuse to call out sick. Those days are when you have to really remember why you’re doing this “responsible adult” thing in the first place. But you get up anyway, you put on your big-girl pants, and you go to work.

That analogy is not to say that I’m always happy. Anyone who follows me on twitter knows that’s definitely not the case, and people who are very close to me are probably reading this wondering what I’m talking about because the chances of me being “in a mood” are about 50/50 on any given day. The kind of happiness I’m talking about isn’t a constant, giddy happiness that, if we’re being honest, is kind of annoying. I’m referring to something that might better be defined as contentment. A state of happiness that runs deeper than just smiling a lot. Anyone can do that. What’s more challenging is being truly satisfied with life. Finding reasons to keep going, keep pushing, and keep smiling (a normal not creepy amount of smiling, of course).

I’d like to share with you 27 ways to be happy at 27, from my personal experiences. Some are silly, some are more serious, but all have been important to me. Keep in mind that everyone has their own path to happiness!

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How To: Make the Most Out of Your DINK Years

DINK stands for Dual Income No Kids, and yes, it’s as amazing as it sounds.

Both of you are working full time jobs, the money is flowing in, you can buy a house, and fill it with furniture you don’t have to assemble yourself (although half of my house is still from IKEA). You can travel, you can buy concert tickets, you can go out to dinner three times a week. You can go to bed whenever you want, and wake up whenever you want. You have so much free time, which leads to so much sex, which eventually leads to…. a baby. And then the honeymoon is well and truly over.

Planned or not, the transition from DINK to having children can be a rocky one. But it’s made a little easier if you took advantage of that time pre-bundle of joy.

Recently having exited the DINK period of my marriage with the birth of our first child, I want to look back and offer some tips for how to get the most out of those years with your partner. And yes, one of the tips is having lots of sex (with protection).

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