Life is Like a Box of Chocolates

By Tina Murtagh

You never know what you’re gonna get.

Needless to say, if you read the title, you know where I’m going with this: life as of late has gone in many directions for me, all unexpected–some good, some bad. Overall, the words I’m reaching for are chaotic and unprecedented. In 2015, I was ripped out of my college bubble and into the harsh light of day, also dubbed “the real world.” As I’ve attempted to gain my footing in an arena cold and unknown to me, all while hitting the ground running, I’ve learned some valuable lessons. Lessons that were painful, but nonetheless necessary.

One of the major decisions I’ve arrived at? You really won’t come to understand your true self (and I’m still trying) until the very illusion of the world that surrounds you has been completed shattered. Yes, you heard me. Until everything you’ve learned in life has fallen apart and you’re forced to pick up the pieces and build your own, new, educated perception, little pain will occur — but so will minimal growth. So, at the risk of baring my soul, allow me to tell you why Forrest Gump’s words ring so true to me.

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