Guess Who’s Back, Back Again? ED IS BACK, TELL A FRIEND!

It’s been two weeks since the musical return of Edward Christopher Sheeran. On December 12, 2015, a note appeared on his instagram account. It informed everyone reading that he would be taking a personal sabbatical from his phone, emails, and all social media “for a while.” He said the phrase “See you all next autumn” which many took to mean Fall 2016. We entered a new year and there were sporadic sightings of the elusive musical genius all over the world, most notably his appearance at his bestie Taylor Swift’s annual Fourth of July extravaganza. Fall 2016 came and turned into the holidays. Still no sign of a return. Then on December 12, 2016, exactly a year since his farewell note, a blue square appeared with no caption. Fans of Ed and fans of music alike immediately speculated. Blue was significant in that both of Sheeran’s previous albums have had a bold color theme. His first LP + (plus) was orange and his second X (multiply) was green. Blue had to be the color of his new album, right?

On New Year’s Day, a video with no sound appeared with Ed smiling, waving and holding a sign that said “New Music Coming Friday”. THAT sent everyone into a tizzy. There was rampant speculation in multiple music publications and a virtual meltdown on social media. Would it be a single? A whole album? A music video? No one knew. His manager remained vague but funny in his twitter responses, coyly shutting down rumours. The next day, another video without sound appeared, displaying a fading divide symbol. Since Ed is keen on albums with math titles, the assumption was that it was the album’s name. This continued until January 5 when we finally got two videos, each with a different beat.

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Welcome to One For All Mag!

Hello one and all! Welcome to our new site. We wanted to give you a little background on us and how we came to our name.

We are two mid-twenties gals with a passion for writing and the power of the digital media medium. We met through social media and a friendship was born out of commonalities. We joined a writing community and after a few months, decided to strike it out on our own with the support and contributions of some fellow friends and writers. We want this space to be a place to openly share your thoughts and musings, with a wide range of topics.

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